The Truth About Shopping Direct Sales this Holiday Season

One of the biggest misconceptions I see with network marketing is that it is not a “real job.” Boy is this wrong! I hear all the time, “So Holly, what do you do all day now that you don’t work anymore?” Once I compose myself, I politely answer.

I’m a mom, chauffeur, mentor, encourager, mediator, therapist, makeup artist, customer service representative, wife, chef, housekeeper, and part time mail carrier.

Oh and that’s just on a Tuesday before lunch. No, I don’t have a boss or punch a time clock, but that doesn’t mean what I do is not a job or for me. It is a career.

Yes, I just stated that selling makeup and skincare is a career. GASP...

Direct sales, network marketing or whatever you’d like to call it can be a profitable side hustle or a full time job. For me, what started as a way to pay off unwanted credit card and student loans turned into a full blown career; one that I love and am passionate about. It pays the bills for not only myself, but many people I know. It provides money for dance lessons, groceries, gas, date night, other living essentials and even vacations.

Now given this type of work has been gained a bad name along the way due to poor marketing methods. Trust me when I say I have been subject to those sales tactics too. With anything a few rotten apples can ruin the whole bunch but try and keep an open mind. We are real people with real bills working to take care of our families.


So this holiday I would encourage you to shop direct sales and shop local.

If you need cleaning products, check out Norwex.

For some amazing jewelry, take a look at Stella & Dot or Paparazzi.

Pamper yourself or someone else with makeup and skincare from LimeLife.

Need to plan a vacation? Contact a Never Grow Up Vacations rep.

If there is a chef on your list? Then Pampered Chef is a dream come true.

To keep your home smelling amazing all year Scentsy is your answer.

Every lady loves a good bag and Thirty One and Initials, Inc. have some awesome options. Natural health remedies can be found at Wink Naturals.

And this is just to name a few.

We ARE business owners, just not in the conventional brick and mortar scenario. Behind the scenes a ton of work happens that people often overlook. Training, inventory, planning, and leadership just to name a few. What people see on social media is the highlight reel. I’m here to tell you that’s just good marketing. My life is far from storybook but I am blessed and thankful for what this industry has given myself and others.

So to all the other network marketing mamas out there, keep doing your thing! There will be doubters, skeptics; and those who ridicule. They’re entitled to their opinions, but while they’re

judging many of us will be building our own futures and enjoying the moments with our precious babies each day.

With love,

Holly EdwardsComment