The Reason for the Season : Why our Example is Important

It’s almost here. That special time we’ve all hustled, bustled and prepared for.

It’s time to sit, relax, and spend time with loved ones. Oh and the kids are probably excited about the gifts.

I may or may not be a tad excited too.

But do we remember why we really celebrate? Do we stop and think that because of that precious babe born in a manger all those years ago we were given this opportunity? A few weeks ago, with tears in his eyes, my husband pleaded with me to make sure our children new exactly why we celebrate this year.

Sometimes we feel as parents we’ve failed them in this way. They have more materials things than they should. We put too much time in gift giving and being at events. We worry about the decorations, the elf and all of the “stuff.” I’m sure we’re not alone.

How do we change it? WE set the example. Church becomes a priority again, not something we have to do. Bible study at home as a family becomes a part of our routine, not just when it’s a holiday like Christmas. Christmas Eve we attend the service at church BEFORE we open the gifts.

As Christian parents it is our job to lead by example. I challenge you and your family to make a new commitment to your faith this holiday season. Above all HE is our greatest gift and the reason for the season.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

With love, 

Holly EdwardsComment