Party Planning on a Budget

There’s no need to break the bank to throw a fabulous party.

 Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or work gig, save your dough and still make an impact on your guests.

After years of planning parties while on a budget I have learned many things that I think would help my fellow party planners out, so here are a few tips for having a bash on a budget:

  1. Only do your napkins in the “theme.”  
    Aubrey (my youngest) wanted a Little Mermaid party for birthday number 5. Why waste money in expensive plates? By the time you put a food on it, you don’t see the bottom of it anyway.  A solid color plate to go with your theme works just fine. Your local dollar store usually has a great variety of colors for any decor.

  2. Mini can sodas and water are life!
     People, especially children, tend to drink a few sips and then sit them down or pour them out.  Don’t waste and save on calories!

  3. Anything bite size does the trick like cupcakes or cookies instead of cake.
    Both of these options are the perfect handheld option and are easy for folks to hold if seating and table space is an issue.  Also, you’re not left with a ton of food to figure out what to do with afterwards.

  4. Paper invitations are a thing of the past for the most part.
    Use a free Evite service such as Hobnob. There are tons of free options you can customize.  Use this link for additional free invites. 

  5. Keep the menu simple, seriously!
    No one wants to spend all their time in the kitchen. That’s not entertaining! I mean Pinterest is cute, but let’s get real.  I am more of an Amazon Prime gal. LOL! Have a pot luck or cuisine themed type shindig and let folks share their culinary talents with you. Also, never underestimate the power of good pizza party.

In a world trying to make you feel like every occasion has to be Pinterest worthy, remember, it’s not about the decorations or the food, it’s the time spent with those you love that matter most.

Party on my friends!

With love, 

Holly Edwards1 Comment