Don’t Be Another Network Marketing Stastic

try trī/ verb

1. make an attempt or effort to do something.

"he tried to regain his breath"

Synonyms: at tempt, endeavor, venture, make an effort, exert oneself, strive, do one's best, do one's utmost, move heaven and earth.


The word itself requires action.


After nearly 3 years in network marketing, two with my current company, I can say with validity that this little word is the one thing that holds people back the most. Why??

It takes effort. Not one time effort, but consistent, daily action and effort. It takes your best when you have nothing left to give. This is why so many people give up, often way too soon.



On average, 80% of those that join network marketing leave within the first year. Wow! Let’s think about this in terms of other jobs in brick and mortar businesses. If these statistics were true there, we wouldn’t have folks to service our cars, make our food, stock our grocery shelves or patrol our streets.


It’s not the company, the products or the people. The single determining factor in network marketing success is YOU.


Now get out there and give it your best!


With love,

Holly G