NC Hurricane 101 (A Southern Native’s Guide to Survival)

The dreaded Atlantic Hurricane season is upon us and if I’ve learned one thing in my life, it’s that we are bound to take a hit at some time or another.  

Whether a direct hit or not, we should always be prepared. Our poor weather people are working 24/7 trying to figure these things out when let’s face it, the big man upstairs is going to do his thing regardless of their predictions.  

Now I don’t take them lightly, but I have learned you can have a little fun while trying to make sure your family is taken care of.

I know you’re thinking, “DUH Holly.  We know that.” For goodness sake, go NOW and don’t wait until it starts raining, wind blowing and all that jazz.  And if you’re unsure what to cook, refer to last week’s blog about recipes because most of those are make ahead and can be reheated in a variety of creative ways if you don’t have power.  

Fill ‘em up!  And you know the price is going to be sky high so don’t even complain about it. Again, driving in the elements to go get it is not the smartest so do it ahead of time.

No you don’t have any in the cabinet and if you do they’re probably not the right size.  I can almost bet because I know what my cabinets look like. Just bite the bullet and buy some extra. They’ll keep until Christmas if you don’t need them now.

Flashlights and a camping lamp
Y’all it’s the country and you know you’re going to lose power.  Many of us lose it when there is a strong thunderstorm. To top it off it could be days without it and whether you believe it or not, you not being able to watch TV is not nearly as important as hospitals, emergency operations centers and other vital entities.  Chill and enjoy the peace and quiet.

5.  Portable phone chargers
We rely on cell phones like we breath air.  Grab a couple of portable battery chargers and make sure they’re ready to go for when the power goes out.  And for heaven’s sake, use the battery power wisely when the power goes out.

**Bonus Tip:  And this may be the most important of them all.  
As the wife of an LEO who will have no choice but to be in the danger zone, STAY HOME when the media says so, during the storm and during recovery efforts.  Your lack of common sense is putting yourself and someone else in danger and keeping them from attending to those who really need assistance.

Remember, we’re all in this together and the smarter we are, the quicker we can come out on the bright side.    

With Love,

Holly EdwardsComment