Simplicity : My Word for 2019




noun: simplicity

  1. The quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.

  2. The quality or condition of being plain, natural.

  3. A thing that is plain, natural or easy to understand.

I know what you’re thinking...  “Holly, simplicity has nothing to do with you.  You’re a successful retired teacher turned network marketer.  You live a glitz and glamour lifestyle, jet setting around the world and things are ‘perfect.’ Your hair is always fixed, makeup on point and your child is perfectly dressed.  What do you know about simplicity?”

The fact is, I KNOW IT’S A LOT, but simplicity what I’m striving to get back to in 2019.

For me what started as simplicity, leaving a 9-5 structured job, turned into a lot of chaos.  

Chaos that included, very little schedule for myself, working way too much and building a life once again around a job.  Sound like you? That was so far from what I wanted and knew my family deserved. I have learned that for me and lots of others, a simple structure brings flexibility.  


And simplicity doesn’t mean not having or doing “things.”  It means getting back to the core of what makes us a family, what makes me the best mom and wife and what makes me the best leader.  However, it does mean scheduling family outings once a month. It’s having dinner at the table all at the same time twice a week.  Staying up a little later to spend time with my husband watching TV.

Building relationships outside of social media with real people.  People who will love and be there for you long after our society has moved on to the next fad.

None of this will happen overnight or without effort, but we’re all a work in progress every day, and I am in the process of figuring out what like looks like for me.  Stay tuned for how I’ll make a few changes to get simple in 2019 in my next edition.

Until then, I would encourage you to pick a word that will help you become the best version of yourself in 2019. If you have a word, I would love to hear what and why you chose it!

With love,

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