A Milestone in Business : Joining the Chamber

Did you know that for every $1 you spend at a local business, 57 cents is used right there in that community?

Whether it’s a restaurant, an automotive shop, or even your local movie theater, money spent there is being put right back where it belongs; at home.

It is no different when you shop with a network marketer like me. Purchases of my products provide income for my family. We eat local, shop local whenever we can and conduct lots of business in our small town. We are a vested part of this community. We depend on one another.

When you think of your local chamber of commerce, you think of the rows of Mom & Pop businesses in your town. Ribbon cuttings, receptions and the little sticker displayed in their window. These are all signs they’ve “made it” in our definition of business. It’s what I really love about a small town commercial district.


What if I told you that my town recognizes network marketing as a business too? That’s right. In their eyes, what I do is just as important, fruitful and a vital part of the community. I was approached last summer by our new chamber director, Allison Strickland, about joining and sharing my experiences in network marketing with other business owners.

To say I was honored is an understatement. By becoming a Chamber of Commerce member and having them recognize me as a “real” business owner, it helps solidify my mission to change how network marketing is perceived.


So before you buy from a big box retailer because it’s convenient remember this. Shopping local, whether with a direct sales Mama like me or at a family owned brick and mortar store, supports your community and so many futures. I’m excited to help the future of Sampson County become a little bit brighter.

With love,

Holly EdwardsComment