5 Ways to Simplify Your Life Through Structure

Last week I discussed how simplicity was missing and that I’ve realized structure brings me the flexibility I need and want. That flexibility could be time, finances, or stress. For me it’s usually time and stress that is relieved when I work and run my household by a schedule.

I think my first full year away from the classroom I completely rebelled from a schedule because I was so excited about the freedom. Honestly, it turned my household and myself into an unorganized mess. I found myself over working, wasting time, running late and being frustrated.

This year I’ve taken the stand to schedule again. It just works for us that way. My child has been raised the majority of her life in a structured environment. She thrives on it. Most children do and if you think about it their entire lives are structured from the day they start a daycare, preschool or Kindergarten, until they graduate from either high school or college. With this educational background you would think I would know better than to throw the schedule out the door and just “wing it.” Sometimes, I think we have to go against what we know to realize what’s best. So here are a few things that I have learned help keep us scheduled and they might be of benefit to your family too.

Calendar-I use one with 30 minute time slots and literally right down every part of my day. I also have found setting a timer helps keep me stay on task and efficiently moving from one activity to the other.

Wardrobe-I have Aubrey pick her clothes out the night before. I learned this works best the hard way.  By letting her make the choice in the morning, it usually caused an argument and tardiness. I only allow her to change her choice if there has been a change in weather.

Dinner Menu Prep-I have a Pinterest board where I pin what I’m planning on cooking for the next week.  It’s my goal to cook 3 times per week, and yes cooking in my house means I’ll probably use a crock or InstaPot.  If it’s hot and homemade, it counts! This weekly menu also helps me plan my grocery list. Below is the link to my menu board for next week.

Amazon -It’s no secret I’m a Prime junkie. Over the last few years, especially since becoming a mom, I have found my Prime account to be a necessity for my household. If I can’t find the item anywhere else, I can always count on Amazon to have it. So much so that Richard swears they would save money by putting a shipping warehouse on our property. Dash buttons are my lifeline for the items that we “always” run out of.  I keep the button conveniently located next to where we store the item. Press it and In a jiffy we have our staples restocked and we’re ready to roll.


Fitness- Now this is the one where some of you will stop reading, but just listen.  I don’t care if it’s a full blow gym workout, 30 minute walk of your dog or an at home program, it is important and will keep you sane.  I started using a BeachBody at home workout program last July. Total game changer for my mood, daily life and not to mention my physical health.  Sure, I have off days and I’m not a swimsuit model by any means, but I do feel better and sleep better which in turn makes me better preprared to run my household.  I love the convenience of the programs and the encouragement from my coach. If you’re looking for something to get you in a groove, I highly recommend.

Now this list of structure might seem overwhelming to some, but start small.  Find one thing that works for you and stick with it! You can do it. I believe in you!

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With love,

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