DIY Halloween

Now y’all know I am not the Pinterest Queen unless we’re talking crockpots, but I’m stepping outside my comfort zone for Halloween.  The last two years, for whatever reason, I’ve found myself scrambling the week before Halloween for costumes. It’s like I don’t remember that it falls on October 31 every year. Now, this isn’t so much for Aubrey but really for myself and the hubs.  Also, thanks to Spirit Week since starting real school, I’ve had to come up with costumes on the fly. I’m sharing a few ideas in case you find yourself in the same kind of jam.


I mean, I was already super pumped that animal print was in-style for fashion reasons, but it’s super convenient for a costume too.  Take a leopard top or dress, add a set of printed or black cat ears, black tights/leggings/pants and would you looky there? A few whiskers and a black nose and you’ve got the cutest leopard/cheetah you’ve ever seen.  ROAR!

Hippie/Flower Child

Grab a flowered maxi, headband, sunglasses and some Birkenstocks or other flat sandals and “Peace Out”!  If your maxi is sleeveless like mine, throw on a jean jacket or even a camo coat and you’re good to go to stay warm too.  You can easily make a men’s costume too with some ripped jeans, a bandana, glasses and a floral shirt.


This is my go-to when I’m out of ideas.  We all, male or female, own a plaid shirt, some jeans or cut-offs and boots, especially if you live in the south.  Add a cowboy hat if you have one and a Dollar Store bandana in the pocket and “get along little doggie.”

Audrey Hepburn

Your favorite Little Black Dress can make you feel like you’re on the red carpet this year.  Add in a sleek updo, red lipstick and some big sunglasses to complete the look. Grab a shawl for your shoulders if it’s cool and you’ll be looking like a star!


So yeah, I didn’t even know this was a “thing” until recently but it sure makes for an easy costume.  It’ll also make the teenagers cringe when they see you being as cool as them. Oversized t-shirt, crocs or Birkenstocks, a metal water bottle, a scrunchie...wait are we back in 1997? Don’t have those items? Just Google VSCO Girl and I’m sure you’ll find some items that you already own on to throw this one together in a flash.

I can’t wait to see all of your creativity this year.  Have fun celebrating and be sure to share your homemade costume ideas too.

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