Our Disney Days and My Top 5 Recommendations

After an exciting vacation to Disney World, I am so excited to share with you my tips and tricks to make your park experience wonderful! I had been to Disney three times prior, but this was my first trip as an adult and my, how things have changed in the last 20 years!  

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  • I have travelled more in the last two years than I ever have, but this was the first vacation I didn’t plan.  For the OCD, Patty Planner in me that was hard, but it was without a doubt necessary. There is no way I would have known where to start or what to do and probably would have ended up spending way more than necessary while not getting half of what we deserved.  If you’re thinking about going, hire an expert to do the work for you. My girl, Amanda Edgerton with Never Grow Up Vacations, did an amazing job making sure all the details were worked out. I highly recommend her and her services are FREE!

  • Amanda with Never Grow Up Vacations


  • Stay as close to the parks as possible!  Period. The last thing you want to do is spend time commuting, searching for your car in the sea of them parked there or fighting a crowd on a bus.  It comes with a price, but it is well worth every penny. Take it from the girl who didn’t stay as close as she should have. ;)


  • Yes, you need the dining plan.  Looking at our “bills” at the end of meals, I was so thankful we had one.  My top three meal spots were Hollywood & Vine (breakfast buffet), Friar’s Nook (Magic Kingdom- bacon mac n’ cheese) and Cinderella’s Royal Table (filet mignon).  And don’t forget those Mickey Mouse ice cream bars! I’m pretty sure Aubrey ate her weight in those.


  • This could be an entire blog post in itself but I’m going to give you my best recommendations that were a hit for both the young and old.  Peter Pan’s Flight (Magic Kingdom), Alien Swirling Saucers (Hollywood Studios-Toy Story Land), and Finding Nemo: The Musical (Animal Kingdom) were all beautifully themed and brought a smile to everyone’s face.  Also, make sure and have Fast Passes for these. Those lines are a big NO for me.

It really is the most magical place on Earth.  It is also the most expensive, tiring and sometimes crowded.  LOL! However, the memories made and the constant smile on Aubrey’s face was worth every bit of it.  

With love,

Holly EdwardsComment