What I Didn't Know Success Wouldn't Change

Many people work their entire lives for success.  Whether you define this by income, title or achievement, we’re all striving towards it in one way or another.  As a driven and over-working type person, I thought once that when I had more money and success, things would get easier.  Instead, I’ve found is that more money means more choices, but life still happens. I believe that I’ve learned some valuable lessons.

Babies don’t keep.

  • You’ve heard it said a thousand times, but somehow it never really hits home until it happens to you.  Somehow five and a half years have gone in a flash and now we’re approaching the end of Kindergarten. The sleepless nights, crying when teething and diaper changes have turned into 10 full hours of sleep (finally), attitude over outfits, and dressing herself.  I knew success wouldn’t make her grow less quickly, but I’m sure glad I’ve been able to spend the last 21 months witnessing it first hand.


Girl attitudes are HORRIBLE.

  • As mentioned earlier, it’s a daily struggle.  Bless her heart, she can’t help it as she got a double dose from me and her daddy.  I just remind myself to breathe and that this too shall pass. Sometimes I wonder if my absence at times has contributed to this, but I know it’s all part of her growing up and me learning to parent.

Real friendships are hard to come by.

  • I’ll start by saying, I’ve not always been the best friend I could be, but what I have learned is that true colors show.  I can promise that success hasn’t changed who I am, but it has made me become more aware of who I am not and how people are treated. Although it is sad, this may be the best lesson of all because none of us have time to waste.  And when I say I hope everyone wins, I MEAN IT!

Marriage is hard.

  • Regardless of your financial situation, marriage takes work.  Yes, it is easier now that the bills are paid without worry, but we’re still human.  I can remember vividly my pastor saying to us in our pre-marital counseling, “During your marriage you’ll disagree on three things; finances, sex and raising children.”  Boy, was he right! What we have realized is how blessed we are to be able to work hard and be parents.

Laundry piles up.

  • This is where if I ever doubted how hard stay-at-home- moms worked before, I want to say, “I’M SORRY!”  You my, my friends, are the real MVPs! Somehow now, I find myself more busy than when I worked in the school system 7:30-3:30 for 10 months out of the year.  My house is still a mess, even with the help of a cleaning lady. The laundry is always behind and when caught up, piled on the couch. Most days I feel like I’m behind before my feet ever even hit the floor.  Success doesn’t take away every day life.

This is your reminder that you’re not “seeing” everything that goes into someone’s success.  It takes hard work to get here and hard work to stay here. Once again, I remind myself...SIMPLICITY.

Brigette BurrComment