Spring Cleaning - More than Just Your Home

Everywhere you turn people are taking out the trash. From closets to yards we’re all busy prepping for the warmer weather that the coming seasons will bring. It’s a scientific fact that the Spring gives people a renewed energy and focus, hence why we see and feel the “buzz” among us.

What we often overlook are the non-tangible ways in which we can “Spring clean” our lives and even our businesses. We worry about hurting so called friendships or looking foolish more than we are concerned with our own well-being and futures. I’m here to tell you to STOP!

Take a good look at who you spend your time with. If they’re not elevating you in some manner, it’s time to let them go. Life is too short for complaining, drama and negativity. You deserve the best it has to offer so surround yourself with folks who can offer that. We were not made to be best friends with hundreds of people, and can’t carry the weight of all of that energy, especially if it is negative.

Not to mention, you probably have impressionable little lives who watch what you do like a hawk.

Ask yourself, “Would I want my child to have a group of ‘friends’ like this?” If the answer is no, then darling, it’s time to move on. You deserve to grow and go places!

I have found that one of the best ways to do this is take a social media detox. Sign out, put it down and stop your scroll. Unless you can offer me cute kids, puppies and heartwarming stories, ya girl is not down with it. The last year I’ve realized how important is it to cut out toxic relationships whether they’re online or in person. I challenge you to do the same.

So that brings me to business, and boy are there some that need a little tidying up. I’m just going to say it. Stop the cold messaging, sales pitches every 2 hours and pure desparation and I do believe you’ll feel a weight lifted and see growth in your business.

Why? Because people don’t care what you are selling. In fact, they’re not even looking to buy “it.” They’re looking to buy you. That’s right!! And this goes right along with my first topic. If you’re not being elevated to a level where you can easily get rid of those negative business tactics then your business will not survive.

Take some time this week and evaluate where you are, where you’re going and who you’re taking with you. You’re worthy of the best. And just as your closet and yard might need a refresher, it’s ok to do the same with your lifex

With love,