Fall Fashion Preview

By no means am I advocating for cooler weather, however the stores are filled with items for the new season so it’s time to start updating your closet too.  I’ve listed my top 5 fall trends for the year that I think work for any woman.

Utility Jacket

For those chilly mornings and evenings, this jacket will be your best friend.  It comes in a variety of colors and pairs well with every item listed below. I have the khaki but I’m thinking of grabbing another very soon.


Animal Print Top

I’m all about an animal print, I always have been, and I’m beyond excited that it’s “back in style.”  It doesn’t matter the sleeve length, this will be a hit for months to come. I love that I can wear it with black denim for a dressier look. You’re also going to see animal prints in every item of clothing and accessory available this season.


Flare Jeans

This one has taken some getting use to, I’ll admit.  I kind of felt like I was going back to the 90s but let’s be honest.  Skinny jeans or jeggings really don’t go with everything. I have a hard time finding jeans, but these are what fit me best right now.  The rise is a tad higher than what I wore in high school, but my Mom bod appreciates that.


Oversized Sweaters

Can you say cozy?? Besides leggings, this is probably my favorite thing about fall and winter!  This year, the bigger the better seems to be the trend. I had the pleasure of modeling several of these last week for Rebecca’s of Clinton and even came home with one.  Some of them are even One Size so shopping for a gift just got a whole lot easier!



If you’re a thick legged girl like me, you were happy to see booties hit the shelves a few years ago.  Thankfully this trend has stuck around and is now more popular than ever. With a variety of styles, colors and even prints, these Corky’s by Boutique have already found their way into my heart and my closet.  Oh and did I mention they’re super comfy? Style and comfort are always a win, win in my book!


While you’ll see even more trends than this in stores you visit, I hope that these will help you transition into the new season with ease.  Staple pieces are always a plus and the fact that most are easy on the wallet is good too. Wishing you a “Happy Almost Fall, Y’all!”

With love,

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