5 Tips for Packing for a Business Trip

Over the last couple of years, the amount of traveling I have done has picked up drastically. For a while, I was the kind of person that OVERPACKED. However, I learned quickly, that overpacking also meant extra stress, too many options, and more to wash and clean when I got home. 

Therefore, I decided to get smart and started packing lighter, which has CHANGED THE GAME for me, and makes trips way more enjoyable without the extra baggage. 

So here are my TOP 5 tips that can change how you back too:

1. Multiple outfits for the same pair of shoes:
Find a pair you really love and wear the heck out of them. There is no need to pack 4 pairs of shoes for a 4 day trip. I like to take a pair casual sandals that go with everything, and a pair of wedges to wear at night or when I need to be dressier. 


2. A BIG Purse
A big purse can serve multiple purposes; purse, briefcase and personal item on a plane.  I often throw my toiletries in there during the plane ride to give my bag more room. Then once I get to the hotel, take out all the things I don't need. This also makes room for any small items or notebooks I need for meetings/workshops.


Yep!  You’ve heard it before, and it is totally true. I thought it was insane but it has saved me some major space, especially if rolled tightly. Rolling also means no creases and will keep me from having to iron.



4. Samples. Samples. Samples.
Be the girl who takes the sample shampoo and conditioner out of the magazines. Yeh, I said it. No need to lug your HUGE shampoo and conditioners half way across the country. Most hotels keep complimentary sample items in your room, so you can always call and double check.

However, if you feel like you HAVE.TO.HAVE.YOUR.SHAMPOO, try asking your hair stylist for a sample size or going to ULTA to purchase one. You can also buy travel size empty bottles to fill with your own products which makes it super easy, and I mean isn’t everything just “cuter” in a mini version anyway?


5. Carry On Bag only.
You CAN get 5 days worth, potentially more, in one carry on bag.  I promise! Save those crazy baggage fees for an extra dinner or drinks with your friends. You can find an inexpensive roller-board suitcase at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. When you travel with carry-on bags only, you don't have to worry about losing your bag, waiting at baggage claim half an hour for your bag, or something going missing. 

Don't forget common things like hair-dryers, irons, toiletries, and towels are provided by most hotels and resorts so no need to double back. If you aren't sure what they have or do not have, don't hesitate to call and ask, just to insure you are packing smarter not harder. 

I would love to hear if you have any additional tips for packing, or if you find any of these super helpful! 

With Love,