5 Facts You Might Not Know About Me

Because inquiring minds want to know…

1. I love to cook, especially in a crockpot.
However, this does not include desserts. I honestly could live without sweets. Just give me an extra helping of pasta or potatoes please.


2. I am terrified of lizards!
Y’all I mean like paralyzed, heart racing, Katy bar the door terrified. Just ask my husband. If you want me to clear a room quickly, tell me there is a lizard in there.


3. I get a thrill out of a bargain!
No seriously, it gives me a rush. I mean I’ll valet my car at the Marriott but I’m going to coupon my toilet paper. It’s called balance.  #couponqueen

4. As much as I love the beach, I HATE the sand.
If the beach was cement, I would totally spend 24/7 there.

5. I spent 9 years (Bachelor’s and 2 Masters degrees)  in college!
oming from the girl who didn’t want to be a veterinarian because “it would take too much college” I sure ate those words. Lol! Hindsight is 20/20 right?


So there you go. Just a few fun facts about me. I’m not all makeup, glam and organization. I’m just as quirky as the next person.

Tell me something about yourself, I wouldn't already know in the comments, I love getting to know random things about other people.

With Love,