Are You Being True To Your Word?

Who out there has already thrown their New Year’s priority and word out the window?  
By February most folks have forgotten about the fresh start, new habits or changes they wanted to make for the year.  You probably faltered once and said, “The heck with it.” No worries. I’ve had my moments too, but I’ll have to say this year has been different.  Why? Because I have taken control.


You’ll recall I chose the word simplicity to live by this year rather than a resolution.  I stated I would make it a priority. Although it has been difficult, I have found myself more at peace than ever.  My household is operating with little chaos again. My child’s behavior has improved. The relationship between my husband and myself is better than ever.  I don’t say this to brag, but to prove a point. I made simplicity a priority.

Some of my choices have been hard to adjust to like putting the phone down by 6 pm each evening.  But the gained family time has definitely been worth the sacrifice. We’re still working on those family meals twice a week at the table.  With crazy schedules, that is probably the hardest thing to do. We’ve already made lots of great memories with our scheduled family outings.  Disney, Carolina Hurricanes Hockey game, and at home movie nights with floor blankets and popcorn just to name a few.

Sticking to my schedule while working from home has also become easier.  That lunch break is much needed and is a great time for me to refresh and refuel daily.  On top of this, I have signed out of my social media accounts during the day as to not be distracted.  Honestly, this has probably been the most refreshing things I have done of all! Crazy how consumed we get with something that really isn’t that important anyway.  Simplicity, isn’t that how we lived before smart phones, internet and social media anyway?


So today I challenge you to reflect upon your start to 2019.  Maybe you didn’t choose a word in January. Now would be a great time to do so and change how the year looks for you.  If you did choose one and you feel as though you’ve failed remember that tomorrow is a new day.

Take control of your life and live for you and yours.  

You are worth it.


Holly EdwardsComment