Confessions of a First Time Camp Mom

Cue the tears...

YEP, I cried like a baby.

Let me start from the beginning... I had no idea what I was getting into!  My 4 year old attended her first cheerleading camp last week through CCA (Christian Cheerleaders of America), and I attended as a chaperone. It has been an experience to say the least!

I’ve seen more spirit fingers, big hair bows and heard more cheers than I thought possible.It was fun to relive my “glory days” as a former cheerleader, but this mama is tired!  I think it might have been easier to be a camper than the chaperone.


Aubrey has major separation issues.  

This camp though, taught her much more than cheers, jumps and stunts.  She learned she could do something without mommy which gives me hope as we transition to Kindergarten in August.  

Of course, I had to drag my child out of bed daily and as soon as soon as we were back home she was awake with the chickens.  However, once we arrived at the gym, she was off on her way like someone who was a pro. Um excuse me but where did my “baby” go?

Oh and back to the tears.


 I cried because she “let go” so easy.

 I cried when she sang and did her sign language.

 I cried because I was tired and she was too.

I cried because I saw God move in her life and mine.

I was happy to get home, but I was sad to leave our new cheer family. I know this is just the beginning so many things for both she and I, and I know the years will pass by fast as she starts school soon. But for now,  I am excited to see where this new adventure takes us, big hair bows and all.

With Love,

Holly EdwardsComment