Dare to Be Different

You probably noticed that the last 18 months have looked a lot different for me. You saw a lot less business stuff every day and more of just me, my family and my life. I didn’t spam your social media newsfeed daily with a product or another milestone from myself or my teammates. Live videos became a novelty instead of a regular thing. Making these changes at first was scary and I was a tad resistant, but when we do things out of our comfort zone it usually is.

Now, to many, not doing the things people were accustomed to seeing on social media would indicate that my business was failing. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s thriving, I’m thriving and that’s what matters.  I chose to do things a little different, and I’m here to tell you that it works!

Through all of this, I have taken you on my journey. I’ve told you the ups and the downs. Yes, I have pretty, professional pictures, but it wasn’t always about the highlight reel or the glamour. It was the reality that I am JUST LIKE YOU.

I’m a busy wife, mom, business owner and friend. I often feel inadequate, frustrated and worried. Some days are amazing and others just stink.  By choosing to pursue authenticity, I’ve learned to truly be happy. I have found that my happiness isn’t tied to a title, a milestone or a paycheck. It isn’t because of a number of likes, comments or views.  While those things are great, in the end they don’t define me. The amazing people in my life define who I am and who I want to be.

Tomorrow, I head into a few days of relaxation with my husband for our anniversary with no worries.  I’ve done the work, although most haven’t seen it, and I can take these days and enjoy. By choosing to run my business differently I’ve found value in life again.  Vacations, family nights and quiet time alone look exactly as they should; device free and focused on the people around me and myself.

Don’t be scared to do something different.  No one ever got anywhere in the world being just like someone else.  So whether it’s confidence, friendship, finances, or just figuring out who YOU are, do it well and do it DIFFERENT!

Holly Edwards