Hassle Free Holiday Meals : Crockpot Favorites

I have a secret!! I don’t really “cook.”

Nope not even during the holidays. And the best part is no one complains!

It’s been a running joke in my family that I’m the “Crockpot Queen.” However, joking aside they save my butt when it comes to any kind of cooking, even holiday. When I was working as a teacher, I had to use one or else getting a hot meal not from a restaurant was very unlikely. During that 11 years, I learned to get creative with recipes, bought way too many cookbooks and became a Pinterest over-pinner. Don’t laugh. You know you’re one too.

Through the years I’ve established quite the collection of crockpots, and believe it or not they all serve a purpose. I literally can cook an entire meal of entree and multiple side items in crockpots only. I think that’s quite the accomplishment. Best part?? You can too and your family will think you’re a star chef!

So here links to a few of my favorite recipes that will keep your holiday jolly and your bellies full.

Loaded Potato Soup


(I do onion powder instead of onions.)

Full Meal

  • Mississippi Roast

    • http://theholcombhouse.blogspot.com/2012/06/mississipp-roast.html

  • Butter Beans or Green Beans

    • Frozen or canned

    • A few strips of bacon or ham hock

    • Cook on Low for 6 hours

Cheesy Tortellini

Beef & Broccoli

(Just cook some rice to go with it.)

Tater Tot Casserole

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From my kitchen to yours, Bon Appetit!

Bonus tip...get an electric pressure cooker aka InstaPot. It saves tons of time and can be used as a regular crock pot too.

With Love,

Holly EdwardsComment