Prom Week + Closing out Kindergarten : Making Most of these Moments

As we are approaching the end of another school year, I’m sure your calendar is full of activities for yourself and your kids, just like mine.  I honestly can’t even believe it’s mid April.

One quarter of the year has gone too quickly as always, and before you know it we’ll be doing the whole back to school, Fall and Christmas thing again.  Time really does fly as you get older!

This week I’ll get to be a “prom mom” with my bonus daughter.  Hard to believe she’s old enough to attend her first prom. (She’s going as a date of a Junior, but still…)  It truly does seem like just yesterday I met her for the first time when I started dating her daddy. To say we’ve had a rocky relationship is putting it mildly sometimes, but over the last 13 years we’ve both grown up a lot.  

As I look at how quickly we’ve got to this point, it reminds me that before long Aubrey will be there too. I plan to cherish every moment this week; nails, makeup, pictures and yes, I’ll probably shed a tear or two. Also add to the list she’ll be 16 in about 45 days, she’s recently ordered her class ring and we’ll soon start exploring colleges.  Lord, pass me the tissues.

And the there’s little ‘ole Aubrey.  We’re coming up on our next to the last school party of the year this week.  Boy, have I enjoyed being able to attend and help with those. I mean I may can’t do the whole Pinterest gig but my presence is more important any way.  In just 4 weeks she will have completed Kindergarten and be an official first grader. Gone are the days of crying hysterically and me having to walk all the way to her classroom door.

She barely takes time to kiss me bye now. She’s taken on another new “sport,” tumbling, and didn’t cling to me at all on the first night of class. Most of all, hearing her read melts my heart.

I thought it was amazing when my former second graders would read fluently, but to see your own child doing it just does not compare. And just last week she informed me she wasn’t “cute” or my “baby.”  She prefers the description “sassy” when referring to her looks and she is a “big girl.”

So I tell you all that to say, as much as I’m traveling, networking, collaborating, and working those things are allowing me to make the most of every moment.  By saying yes to the LimeLife opportunity over two and half years ago, I gave myself and my family a path to freedom.

While many people think of it as only financial freedom it has been way more than that.  It has taught me to embrace relationships, simple pleasures and my passion. I’m present for my kids, whether they like it or not.

Sign me up for the school parties, the dance classes, cheer competitions, prom stuff and everything else.  This mama isn’t going to miss a thing! These moments are fleeting and I’m going to savor every, single one.  

With love,

Holly EdwardsComment