How I Recharge

Like you, my calendar is usually jam packed with work, school and kid activities.  However, this week it has been completely clear! Say what?! I seriously didn’t know whether I was dreaming or if I had made a lot of mistakes.  Either way, I’ve used this “free week” to recharge my battery as I gear up for a busy Spring. (Yes, it is around the corner, or so they say.)

You know I’m a huge self-care advocate. I used to think this meant going to the spa, taking luxurious vacations or doing something that cost money for myself.  Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy all of the above, but sometimes the free stuff that you can enjoy whenever and wherever is just as enjoyable.  As I continue to live out my word for the year, I find myself loving the following ways to recharge.


  • I love to read.  Even before becoming a teacher, I was a book nerd.  Over the last few years, these reads have been mostly entrepreneurial and self-help type books but I still enjoy a good romance novel here and there.  Oh, and do NOT give me an E-book. I want the old school, hard copy so I can write in it and highlight.


  • I’ve always been an lover of the outdoors.  A quiet walk alone or with one of my pups is a great stress reliever for me. The fact that walking counts as exercise is also a plus.


  • I’ve played the piano for a quarter century of my life. It was the one thing I “hated” as a child and wanted to quit so badly, particularly during middle school.  My mother wouldn’t let me and today I’m glad she didn’t. It’s a great stress reliever and brings peace and calm into my sometimes crazy days.


  • Everyone can use some girl time.  Although it doesn’t happen often because many of us are busy moms, I love when I can share a few belly laughs and dinner with my tribe.  Even when we can’t physically get together, the group text message filled with memes and our crazy daily lives is the comic relief I need to brighten my day.

And the best part about all of these things is none of them will break the bank!  Finding a few minutes each week to take a little time for you can help in more ways than you can ever imagine.  I’d love to know some things that you do to take care of yourself too!

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