Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

While you’re channeling the Spring energy, take some time and let’s clean out those makeup bags.  With the new season comes changes in trends and colors you want to wear. Also, it’s a great time to try something new.  

I have a few tips and suggestions to help you get started.

Check those labels!

  • It comes as a surprise to a lot of folks but cosmetics do expire.  On most quality products, you’ll find a little jar symbol with a number and letter in it.  That tells you how long the product is good for once it is opened. For example 6M, means that 6 months from the date it is opened it is considered expired.  While the product may still “work”, ask yourself this. If this was a food, would I ingest it? The answer is probably no. Our skin is the largest bodily organ.  it needs the same protection and care that any other part does.

Save the ghosts for Halloween!

  • You’re probably already in search for the perfect tan whether it’s from a bottle or good ‘ole Mother Nature.  More than likely your summer shade is not the same as your winter hue. Update your foundation color to match your new glow because you’re only allowed to look scary in October.

Lighten up girl!

  • When it comes to your face, less is almost always more!  Gone are the days of heavy wearing products and tons of them.  Simplify your routine with a lighter coverage foundation like BB Cream, mascara, bronzer or blush and a lip gloss.  This will also keep you trendy for the season since the “no makeup” makeup look is totally in on both runways and magazines.


Don’t be scared of color!

  • Now is the time to pull of that shocking pink or coral you’ve been eyeing!  And if you’re a Southern girl like me, it’ll go perfectly with your overstocked Lilly wardrobe.  

SPF...enough said!

  • You need it.  EVERY. DAY. It’s not just for the pool, beach of full blown summer.  Find one that serves a dual purpose. I like LimeLife’s Perfect Sunscreen because it will moisturize, prime and protect all in one easy step.  

Grab your essentials and head on out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

With Love,

Holly EdwardsComment