Thankfulness Shouldn't Just Be for Thanksgiving

Why do we only seem to be thankful in November?
I know I’m guilty and I bet you are too.


Seems that 90% or the population probably is. I think it’s human nature. We associate so many things and plan around holidays. However, our thankfulness shouldn’t be planned.

As always, this year has been filled with joy, sadness, celebration and tragedy for many people. It’s just how life happens. But regardless, last week we gathered and professed our thankfulness.

But I want to challenge you. Let it not stop at the thanksgiving feast table.

Have you ever considered that waking up each day is something to be thankful for? Being able to work, taking kids to school, helping others,  cleaning your home, taking care of your family; each of these daily tasks we often complain about. I know I do. In reality, there are so many who would be thankful for our “troubles.”

So as we move past Thanksgiving and into the season of Christmas and a new year, I would ask that you don’t leave your thankfulness behind. Make an effort each day to find joy in the simple pleasures, the mundane tasks and the daily walk of life. It truly is a privilege.

In all things, give thanks.
— 1 Thessalonians 5:18

In the middle of such a busy time of year, take a moment and write down what you are thankful for, be specific. Then put it somewhere you have to see it every day; your mirror, car, fridge. When the craziness of life starts to make you feel stressed and stretched to thin, take a moment and glance at your list.

It just might help you in a big way.

With love,

Holly EdwardsComment