The Best Part of Being in your 30's

Thirty is definitely the new twenty in my mind.

Without a doubt this decade has been the one where I’ve found myself, my true likes and dislikes and learned the ins and outs of life.

Crazy to think it took me this long to figure those things out. I’m sure a lot of you can agree.

As women we are always trying to please others when in reality we should be working on ourselves. It’s not selfish to take care of oneself. How can you be the best you for everyone else if you’re always putting yourself last? You deserve some “me time.”

It’s ok to love yourself.
It’s not conceited.
It’s confident and you deserve it.
All the trials in your life have created you into the amazing woman that you are. Own it!

Getting old requires a lot of “maintenance.”
Hair, nails, waxing, doctors appointments...and the list goes on. It literally takes a week seems like to get yourself right and men just don’t get it. Oh and can we mention how it ALL goes south? My mama was right, once again.

Real friends are hard to find. You would think as we get older that women would become less mean. Not the case. The successes and hardships in our lives help us to narrow the playing field. I know I am thankful to have found my few, true friends.

So stop worrying about getting “older” and embrace all the things you’ve learned along the way. Buy the shoes. Get the massage. Eat the cake and enjoy every minute of it!

With love,

Holly EdwardsComment