The Strength to Overcome

It’s icky, taboo and not really something we “want” to talk about.  But guess what? That doesn’t fix it or change the fact that many people, young and old, are dealing with it.  It doesn’t discriminate and often shows up at the most inopportune times. What is it? ANXIETY.

I’ve been rather open about the struggles that Aubrey has faced with anxiety over the last few months.  I was open because I wanted to make others aware that seemingly “normal” people, even children, can struggle with anxiety.  It can happen out of the blue and for no reason at all. She doesn’t fit the “typical” anxiety patient; no trauma, major life change, death, sickness, etc.  

When it began, I went through a period myself of wondering, what did I do wrong?  Am I a bad parent? Have we not given her enough attention? I soon realized though that it wasn’t me, my husband or anything that could have been prevented.  She is predisposed to have this disorder just as if she had a heart condition, diabetes or asthma. Having grown up with a parent who suffered from this condition also made me even more aware that something wasn’t quite right.

Through these two experiences, I have learned that it is okay to ask for help.  Sometimes I think we believe it shows weakness to seek outside counseling or therapy, but I always go back to this example.  If you or your child had a physical ailment, would you not go to the doctor? You think that sounds silly but you know what you would do.  Mental illness is no different. Although often hard to “see”, it can be just as if not more debilitating than any physical problem. Your mind is a powerful thing.

So I would encourage you to seek help if you, your child or another family member needs it.  It is okay, important and I promise on the other side of what seems like a dark time, there is HOPE.

With love,

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