My Travel Toiletry Tips

You’ve probably learned that I am the “Carry-On Queen” when it comes to flying. 

Even when flying Southwest where I get free bags, I would rather have my stuff with me.  I have a fear of lost luggage and your girl will not look cute wearing the same thing away from home multiple days in a row.  A question I get a lot is, “How do you get everything you need, particularly toiletries, through TSA?”

As I head to my company’s annual convention this evening, carry-on bag in tow, I wanted to give a glimpse of what’s in my toiletry bag and how you can save yourself the luggage fees the next go-round.


Yes, I am the girl who takes the samples out of a magazine and puts them in her drawer.  Do you know how many teeth brushings you can get out of one of those packs of toothpaste?  At least 3 days, twice a day! Maybe it’s not always the brand I would buy, but I can compromise for the sake of space for a few days.  (Bonus...if you’re MY LimeLife customer, I also provide skincare samples when traveling. Just ask!)

Hair Products

I probably use way less hair products than the average woman, however you can make this happen!  Regardless of what the TSA says, I’ve never had a problem taking an aerosol can in my carry-on bag.  Just make sure it meets their size rules and try and limit it to one. I promise you can live without ALL the hair items you use at home for a few days.  I always take a small, travel size hair brush instead of a full size too. Hello space saver! And finally, use the shampoo and conditioner provided in the hotel.  I mean, worst case scenario, you run out. They give you more for FREE! Winning!


I do NOT take every makeup item I own when I travel.  Did you hear that? Yep even me, the “makeup girl” doesn’t need 150 products to choose from.  I take 6-8 eyeshadows that can be mixed and matched for different looks, one blush, foundation, powder, mascara, brow gel and of course setting spray.  (I don’t even use primer. Gasp!) For lippies, I take a neutral option that will go with all outfits and one pop of color for fun. I go minimal on the brushes too! The best part, it all fits in this ONE palette 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Body Wash & Lotion

Once again, use what is provided at the hotel.  I promise you’ll be clean and smell good. LOL! And if you don’t use it, take it home and donate it to a local women’s shelter or take it on a trip with you where it may not be provided, such as camping.


All the Other “Stuff”

Now for all the other stuff, I typically buy travel size items from my local drugstore, Walmart or Target.  I’m not picky about brand and they always last me at least 3 trips. Disposable razor, travel size toothbrush (obviously it lasts forever) and deodorant just to name a few.  When I’m packing to come home and I see it’s almost out, I toss it in the can and that’s one thing I don’t have to repack.


My current favorite bag for all this is linked below and it’s less than $10.  I ALWAYS put this in my personal item bag (usually my purse or backpack) and not my actual roller bag.  I know it’s always safe that way.

Check out my bag here!!

It’s wheels up to Denver for me my friends!  Happy packing and safe travels to you too! And as always, feel free to reach out with questions anytime.  I love to help my friends see the world, organized and well planned!

with love,

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