"Sometimes I think I'm dreaming when I see all that I have accomplished, however God's daily voice reminds me it's all in his plan."


Born and raised on her family farm in eastern North Carolina, she was involved in pageants, dance, cheer, sports, piano and choral groups as well as her church and community organizations.

She learned the value of hard work as exhibited daily in her parents profession of farming. After attending college, Holly pursued a career in teaching which led her to grow her passion for leadership and helping others. 

Married to the love of her life, Holly is now a mother, stepmother, farm wife and law enforcement supporter. She enjoyed traveling, couponing, online shopping and being involved with her daughter in dance, pageants and cheerleading. 

In June of 2017, she was able to retire from her career as an educator. As a 3 year veteran of network marketing, Holly enjoyed coaching others into achieving their dreams.




 I don’t just sell a product. I share confidence in learning to be yourself, embracing your flaws and reaching your goals.