What's In My Pool/Beach Bag?

You know this is MY time of year! Sun and fun are just a part of who I am and my family feels the same. Whether you’re headed to the pool or the beach, you’ll need a few essentials to keep your family safe and having a great time. Oh, and let’s not forget looking glamorous while doing so!

1. Sunscreen

  • You’ve read all the articles and seen the news and know that many sunscreens are more harmful than they are good. I’ve found 2 that are not only safe for your family including the kids, but they’re also environmentally friendly. For the face, Perfect Sunscreen by LimeLife is an all natural SPF 30 that also moisturizes. For the body, my family is using the new Norwex sunscreen. It is also zinc-oxide mineral based, broad spectrum and environmentally friendly.

2. Books

3. Jelly Sandals

  • These 80’s favorites have made a return just in time for summer! I can’t stand to get my leather flip flops wet. I love that my jelly sandals can withstand the water and even be washed off if sandy from the beach with no worries.

4. Chair

  • I hate carrying a chair in my hands when I’m beach bound because I usually end up carrying everything my kid “has to have” too. Funny how her hands don’t work all of a sudden. These Tommy Bahama chairs save the day for several reasons. Backpack straps, a storage pocket and a built-in cooler free up the hands and make travel easy. Might I add, we’ve used our first set of these at the beach for about 5 years and they’re still going strong.

5. Bag

  • You know I like to be organized so the last thing I want is to have to fumble all through my bag for items. The pockets on the outside of the Thirty-One Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote are perfect for sunscreen, keys, and even a bottle of water. The inside is roomy enough for your towels, snacks and the kids’ goggles. I also like that it wipes clean in case of messes. 

6. Earrings

  • You will not catch me out and about, even at the beach or pool, without earrings.  I consider them a necessity and yes, I am “extra.” You can turn an ordinary black swimsuit into a stunner with a pop of color.  Not to mention you look super put together when you throw on your coverup and can head to the store or for a bite to eat. I’m digging these handmade raffia ones from Glam at Galleria in Raleigh.  Check them out for amazing outfits and accessories you won’t find anywhere else!

7. Brows

  • So yeah, they don’t go “in the bag”, but they are an essential part of your face. For the last 18 months I have been visiting Jessica Davis, MUA and brow artist, in Raleigh, NC to get mine in tip- top shape. Although they’ve been micro-bladed, I still see her for my routine waxing appointments. Brows are THAT important! Her services are totally worth the drive and she is a doll to do business with. You can schedule an appointment or learn more below.

Now you’re covered from head to toe and ready to beat the heat! I hope that you find these items as enjoyable and useful as myself. I hope that you have the best summer yet, making memories to last a lifetime!

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