Simplicity Still: Part Two

Earlier this week I shared how simplicity, my 2019 Word of the Year, had been a struggle in some areas. I’ve allowed myself grace in that what sounded great on paper at the beginning of the year, in theory wouldn’t always work.  I’ve made some edits to my action steps in order to better achieve my simplicity goal for the year.

Since my monthly family outing plan is working, I don’t see where an adjustment is needed.  A lunch break away from my desk probably just isn’t going to happen. I would much rather have that hour with my little family later on during the day.  And about that no device after 6 pm idea...I think a compromise can be made, especially if I take time during the day to spend with my loved ones.  

While moving towards simplicity has come at a price, a good one I might add, it has set me up to flourish in many ways as we head into the last two quarters of the year. Now you’re thinking, “Simplicity and flourishing are opposites, Holly?” Yes they are, but for me simplicity has been about finding balance in life and business. With that balance comes a better version of myself in all areas.

I’ve learned to take time for myself and my family.  It doesn’t always have to be a vacation, but there’s just something to be said for leaving it all behind.  Knowing I can take those vacations and still run a successful business has been so valuable. I’m not stressing about paying the bills, customer service issues or team matters thanks to systems I’ve learned to put into place.

The last half of 2019, like any other year, will be full of excitement and nonstop action in both business and personal life.  Statistics show that in any business, the second half of the year is when magic is made. Back to school and holiday shopping attribute to this a lot.  And while I could get worked up about the boom in business and needing to do my own shopping, once again systems and simplicity will prevail.  

So remember, maybe the first half of 2019 didn’t go as you planned for whatever reason.  Set a goal, create some actions steps and re-evaluate it when necessary to make the last 6 months the best yet.  You deserve it more than you know!

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