What To Do AFTER the Hurricane Has Passed

If you made it through Florence with minimal damage, Consider yourself lucky.  There are so many hurting right now. Here as a few easy ways to help:

Donate Your Stockpile
Donate any unused hurricane supplies (bottled water, paper products, non perishables) to your local Emergency Management Department. They’ll see that it gets in some hands that can use it. 

Give blood
It’s the beginning of last quarter of the year and with the holidays quickly approaching, the supply will begin to dwindle. 

Volunteer your time at your local soup kitchen or food pantry. A few hours a week could be an amazing blessing for you and those you meet. 

If you have a plethora of new toiletries donate them to your local shelter. I know we always have these from the dentist, hotels, and other sample items we receive and they just sit in a drawer. Someone will never grateful for them. 

Clean Out Your Closet
Since many of us are out of work and school, have a closet and you clean out. There will be plenty of places looking for donations and help in the coming days.

Above all, be in prayer for your neighbors far and wide. Say a like word, smile and share God’s or wherever you go. Now is the time to pull together. 

With Love,


Holly EdwardsComment