Hustle: Part One



  1. A force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.

  2. To obtain by forceful action or persuasion.


  1. Busy movement and activity

How do you personally define hustle? Above is the official Webster’s Dictionary definition of hustle but I can’t say that I agree with every part of it.  While it may be busy movement and activity, I don’t think it is forceful; not in my case anyway.  I do believe though, that somewhere along the way, we as Americans have lost sight of the fact that it takes hustle to make things happen. To me that’s where force comes in...MAKING things happen.

Never once in my life have I just assumed success would happen.  From grade school to college, I worked for every good grade, accomplishment and honor.  Although I may have not always been on top, I did my personal best and that’s what mattered.  College was no different, and let’s be REAL honest; I could have hustled a LOT harder than I did, but hey C’s get degrees, right?  

The adult working world has been no different.  Both my teaching career and now my network marketing career have carried the same work ethic.  You do the work. You reap the rewards. How this concept got lost along the way for many really baffles me.  You know the folks I’m talking about, the ones who think stuff “just happens” or you’ve “always had it that way.”  What they don’t see are the behind the scenes sacrifices that most people make in order to be successful.

I can remember complaining, for lack of a better word, to my husband early in our marriage because I wanted to travel, stay home and live a little more carefree.  We were newlyweds, in debt and with the farm, unable to spontaneously go places. He said, “If we sacrifice now, we will be ahead in life in a few years.” Now whether it was my age or just the fact that I didn’t want to admit he was probably right, I didn’t like the sound of what he was saying.  But I’m living proof that what he said is so true! Here we are, nearly 11 years later, living life as I wanted to do all those years ago because of our hustle.

For us it’s real simple; do the work and reap the rewards.  Until next time, define your hustle and make things happen.

Holly EdwardsComment