Long Term Success: 3 Years of LimeLife

Yesterday, I celebrated my 3 year LimeLife Anniversary.  I cannot believe it’s already been that long. It seems like just yesterday I made a seemingly risky choice not knowing what the outcome would be.  I did know one thing though; I would give it my very best effort


2016 vs.


Many folks go into network marketing hoping to “make it rich” or become successful quickly.  While it is in fact true that network marketing can produce just as much residual income as stock market compounding, it does require effort.  This is where many fall short. Lots want the success without the amount of work needed for it, and they want it fast.

While my personal journey did happen rather quickly, that is not always the case.  Often times people come into this business looking fast or easy money. I’m here to tell you both of those things couldn’t be farther from reality.  Yes, there is great money to be made but by no means is it fast and not always easy. Ever heard, “Good things don’t come easy?” That should be the slogan for owning your own business, I believe.

This career or entrepreneurship is not a matter of being lucky, who you know or any of those other myths you’ve heard. It is truly about consistency and creating a foundation for long term success.  Although I may not “show” how I am working each day, the amount of time that is put in behind the scenes is more than most people would expect.  

During the first year and half of this journey I only measured success by numbers, titles and accolades.  While there is nothing wrong with any of those and I do enjoy each of them, I have learned during the last year and a half that setting the stage for this to be my twenty-year career cannot always rely on those things.  Focusing on the “instant success” creates burnout, and trust me when I say I’ve been there.

Long term success though is so much more than your name in lights.  It’s the small wins every day paying off down the road. It’s digging deep within yourself when you feel like giving up.  It’s pushing yourself to do uncomfortable things for personal growth.  

Just as my dad the farmer plants seeds in the spring, he knows that his harvest will not come until months later.  This seems completely normal for the general population in that scenario. However, network marketers and entrepreneurs in general often don’t understand that they too have to plant seeds for a later harvest.  

You see, network marketing CAN be a long-term career.  It’s not a flash in the pants kind of deal. It does require a long-term commitment, but isn’t that what a career should be anyway?

So as I start year four I am thankful for all the lessons I have learned through this career change.  I am grateful for each person whom I have come into contact with in any manner and the part they’ve played in my journey. Here’s to a new season of planting, growing and reaping the rewards for years to come.